Markus Schosserer

Position: Assistant Professor / similar to lecturer

Place of birth: Vienna, Austria

Scientific interests: Aging, Ribosomes, RNA modifications, C. elegans, mouse, mammalian cells and yeast, mesenchymal stem cells, high-end microscopy (super resolution microscopy), Raman microscopy

Personal anti-aging strategy: Mediterranean diet combined with exercise

Non-scientific interests: classical music and opera, Crossfit, hiking, cross country skiing, voluntary work for the Red Cross in Vienna

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Selma Osmanagic-Myers 

Position: Senior Postdoc Place of birth: Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Scientific interests: Nucleocytoskeleton-mediated aging in endothelial cells, endothelial senescence in cardiovascular disease, cytoskeletal proteins in cell mechanical stress response and mechanotransduction, regulation of cytoskeletal crosstalk by cytolinkers and cytoskeletal connections to the lamina

Long-term scientific goal: To unwrinkle aged arteries and to keep the cardiovascular system "juvenile"

Personal anti-aging strategy: Vegetarian diet, exercise and playing with my kids 

Non-scientific interests: Family, jogging, fitness, meditation 


Lucia Terlecki-Zaniewicz

Position: Postdoc

Place of birth: Vienna, Austria

Scientific interests: miRNAs in aging, skin aging, circulating miRNAs, extracellular vesicles, tissue culture, mice, primary cell culture, differentiation

Personal anti-aging strategy: a friendly smile at the right time, ambitious with a big heart for students, helpful and motivating for those who need it

Non-scientific interests: Kitesurfing, hiking tours with a splitboard, Yoga, instructor for gymnastics, crossfit

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Regina Weinmüllner


Position: Research assistant / PhD

Place of birth: Vienna, Austria

Scientific interests: Skin equivalents, skin aging, cancer research

Personal anti-aging strategy is my 5-year-old son. You get a lot of exercises in fresh air, have to keep an open mind about literally anything and - surprisingly - sleep deprivation works just fine after a few years of training.

Non-scientific interests: sewing, cooking, painting, gardening, writing (short stories) and realizing the newest creative idea of my son.


Ingo Lämmermann

Position:  PhD

Place of birth: Fürth, Germany

Scientific interests: Next to his never-ending quest for unraveling the mysterious regulation of the protein phosphatase 5 (PP5), Ingo is constantly screening plant extracts for possible anti-aging properties and tries to come up with new theories concerning the aging process of fibroblasts. In contrast to the tedious work with PP5 which is pertinaciously hiding its secrets, his work with the plant extracts was surprisingly fruitful and resulted already in one patent (FR 15 61400) which will be followed by publications.  

Personal anti-aging strategy: Playing young vs. old with my two sons. For now, the old sample has still the upper hand in most categories, but in terms of skin quality the fight is long lost.

Non-scientific interests: family, cooking, books, hiking, soccer, american football, board games, …


Madhusudhan Reddy Bobbili

Position:  PhD student

Place of birth: Guntakal, Andhra Pradesh, India

Scientific interests: Aging, extracellular vesicles, miRNAs, mammalian and primary cell culture

Personal anti-aging strategy: yoga, meditation but nothing can beat sound sleep.

Non-scientific interests: Hiking, chess.. 


Clemens Heissenberger

Position:  PhD student

Place of birth: Neunkirchen, Austria

Scientific interests:  Aging, ribosomes, RNA modifications, C. elegans, mammalian and yeast cells

Personal anti-aging strategy: Exercise at least 2-3 times per week combined wíth a conscious-healthy diet

Non-scientific interests: sports, especially soccer, nature, gardening, running, bee-keeping, brewing and distilling


Fabian Nagelreiter

Position: PhD student

Place of birth: Vienna, Austria

Scientific interests: aging, ncRNAs, ribosomes, C. elegans, mammalian cell culture

Non-scientific interests: fencing, heavy metal, Terry Pratchett novels


Vera Pils

Position: PhD student

Place of birth: Linz, Austria

Scientific interests: miRNAs in aging, skin aging, extracellular vesicles, mammalian and primary cell culture

Personal anti-aging strategy: acquire as many laugh lines as possible to cover up the rest

Non-scientific interests: voluntary work for the Scouts and Guides Austria, travelling, cooking (preferably Middle Eastern and Asian), podcasts, hiking


Lisa Liendl

Position: PhD student

Place of birth: Graz, Austria

Scientific interests: Aging, RNA modifications, ribosomes, Raman microscopy, mammalian cell culture, mouse

Personal anti-aging strategy: enjoying life, exercising regularly and a balanced diet

Non-scientific interests: sports, dancing, travelling